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David Roberson, born the son of a pastor  to Pastor TJ and Janice Roberson in California. He is now a devoted husband to Calandra Roberson, father of four and grandfather of one. Although he had no intention of following his fathers footsteps and saw himself entering the music industry he has now been pastoring for eleven years preaching his first sermon in 2006.

Throughout his life he's experienced many different obstacles that are common to quite a few people but rarely ever discussed publicly. He has always found himself in a leadership role and went against the grain, it was with these transitions that God began to cultivate the gift that was already planted in him.

David is also a gifted writer penning his first book “Look for God in Everything” in 2013  that allows him to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. Currently David resides in Dallas, Texas with his beautiful wife and two daughters.

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